About Us

Starting from humble beginnings HoodCrownz was founded by Courtney Newhouse in 2021. She saw a stylish trend in an urban community that had a negative connation associated with it and decided to do something about it. That trend was oversized bonnets and unkept tresses. Believing all women are queens and their daughters are princesses and their tresses deserved to be treated as such and HoodCrownz was born. We offer a variety of satin bonnet options for women, baby, and toddler. But even though we love our bonnets, we’re not all about them. We also offer a variety of turban options and even have a bowtique for the little divas. We have a line of bonnets and turbans affectionately named “Mommy & Me”. Our bowtique offers an assortment of hair bow options for every occasion. Protect your unique God crowned tresses with one of our stylish, elegant and sophisticated bonnets in an array of designs and styles.